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Celebrate & Inspire: Effective Staff Meetings

Salon owners ask me, all the time, how do I get my team to SHOW UP for staff meetings?

How do I get them to engage?

Staff meetings have many benefits including boosting your salon culture, getting everyone on the same page as well as an opportunity to have everyone in the same room in a POSITIVE atmosphere. Here’s how to get the most out of that time together! Here are my top 5 tips:

  • #1 Schedule in Advance
  • Schedule meetings a year in advance and make sure your team has all of the dates written down. This advanced notice will increase the likelihood that they will be able to show up. It will also show how seriously you take staff meetings. When you can show how important it is to you, they will believe it is important as well.

I recommend having a staff meeting EVERY MONTH!

  • #2 Best Evers!

I like to start the meetings out by asking the team to share their “best evers” from the month.

Service Providers are very proud when they are able to reach their goals and see growth, so you will definitely have people who will want to share.

These "Best Evers" can be in any category; average ticket, retail, rebook or additional service.

Celebration and acknowledgement of achievement should be a theme for each staff meeting.

  • #3 Share the Stage
  • Don’t always be the person talking!

In my salon we have different departments. The team leader of social media, the team leader of the front desk and the team leader of the education department all get up and take time to speak about their areas. This keeps a nice variety in the meeting and also empowers member of the team in their public speaking skills and as being leaders in the salon.

  • #4 Contest Announcements
  • Always have the deadline of salon contests end right before a meeting so that they know that the announcement will be made at the meeting!

Also, where possible, have the guest AND the service provider BOTH win a prize.

During the meeting you can pick the winner from a hat and make the announcement. It is exciting for the team and someone walks away with a gift! Everyone wins.

  • #5 Retail Games
  • Summit Salon Business Center has just relaunched a GREAT game that gets service providers MOTIVATED and involved in reaching retail goals.

The Scratch & Spiff board!

During the contest, the service providers are trying to meet a certain amount of retail sales. For example, every $100 they get a “Scratch” on the board.

During the meeting is when you have them make the scratches! Each scratch on the board will reveal a symbol, and the symbol corresponds to a $ amount! The more retail they sell, the more scratches they get to make, the more money they get.

The best part, is that everyone – even your associates and level 1s – have the opportunity to leave with something!

Service providers LOVE leaving the meeting with CASH! Who wouldn’t, right?!