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Top 3 Buyer Types

One of the most interesting things about the 12 different buyer types is that most people don’t even know what they are.

If you don’t know – THAT’S OKAY! You’re not wrong, you’re just missing out on a big opportunity for sales with both services and retail sales.

For example, if you have a salon client and she is the MOST interested in products that are NEW and EXCITING and yet you’re talking to her about your special offers and promotions – you are setting the sale up to fail!

Being able to identify a guests buying personality, or love language, puts you and your guest on the same page. With knowledge of the 12 Buyer Types comes power and you’ll be able to see increased sales, guests that will start purchasing from YOU instead of outside of the salon company and you’ll have a TEAM win by increasing the paycheck with higher service and retail sales.

This is all about the TRIPLE WIN! This is where the guest, salon company and team benefits.


1. “I got it for only $12 at Marshalls!”

When you compliment someone on their outfit or something they’re looking at and their first reaction is not to say, “Thank you,” but instead to say where they got it and how much they saved then you KNOW that you have a SALES AND SPECIALS personality in front of you!

This personality would be where you recommend any specials or offers that you have going on in your company.

2. “I am SO busy!”

This person is always talking about their booked schedule and about their next trip and business trip. To this customer, TIME IS MONEY – they are the CONVENIENCE personality!

This personality will appreciate stacked services, for example, “While you’re processing we have the opportunity for you to get a manicure!” They will also like to know what they can stock up on while they’re there in the salon to save them the time of having to run anymore errands to pick anything else up.

3. “What are the ingredients in this one? How much do I use of it?”

This person asks a lot of questions. They are typically holding the bottle and reading the back of it to discover the ingredient list and the listed benefits and directions. This client is a FEATURES AND BENEFITS personality!

This personality will appreciate the explanation of the WHY behind your product recommendation. Key ingredients will help them in their decision making process.

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