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What Is Innovation?

So, what is Summit Salon Business Center doing to elevate our industry? When people talk about innovation it’s always about the latest and greatest. Most people think that innovation is doing things differently, “new technology” or a new product that will change the industry. But innovation at its core is about “added value” and in our industry that means creating a difference in people’s lives.

We are not just innovators at Summit, we are a revolution! We add value and impact the salon industry by providing the systems and coaching you need to have your dream salon and change people’s lives for the better.

Summit life looks like this:

Six-Hour shifts + Six-Figure Income

Gone are the days of 10+ hour shifts. Your physical and mental well-being are more important than working more to make more! Summit teaches you how to work smarter, not harder.

Flexible Scheduling

The #1 reason why stylists leave commission salons is because they want freedom. If innovation is about “added value” this is one place you can add the most value for your team.

Inclusive Gender-Neutral Pricing

Because hair doesn’t have gender, so why label it? Plus, it feels good to charge a lower price when their hair only takes 30 minutes.

Demand of Time Career Path

We don’t believe that one size fits all; we believe in customized pricing based on your demographic that includes your product costs and the stylist’s time, resulting in a personalized career path and benefits. There should be no cap on the amount of money a stylist can earn; and they should have a sustainable career that feeds their passion and creativity, while also ensuring financial independence.

Leadership Opportunities

What if you got excited when someone in an interview told you they wanted to open their own salon or go booth rent one day? They are telling you that they are leaders, and Summit Salon’s provide opportunities for leadership development and shareholding. Why leave a company to open your own business when you can stay and own a part of the company you helped build?

Paid Vacations

Your team works hard and they deserve time off - and you deserve to know that you can afford to offer them paid vacations.

Coaching and Mentoring to THEIR Dreams

We come together under an umbrella of shared values - but the dreams your team have are an important part of building a culture of support and community.

Happiness Project

At the end of the day it comes down to happiness. Happy owners, happy stylists, happy guests, and happy lives.

Celebrations and Having Fun!

As adults we fall into the busy day to day and somewhere along the line we forget to celebrate and have fun! Summit is here to remind you that celebrations and having fun are the most important part.

Are you ready to innovate and join the revolution? Click here to schedule a 30-minute call with one of our coaches. We will help you discover your true potential and live your best life!