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Retail Revolution

Take your power back!

Kristi Valenzuela  Julie Molina  Britta Larson Darci Gutfreund


Have You Lost Your Love for Selling Retail Products in the Salon?

  • Do you feel frustrated that salon clients are purchasing professional products online instead of your salon?
  • Does it make you crazy when salon guests take a picture of what products you used during the service to buy it later somewhere else?
  • Does offering products sometimes feel seem pushy or salesy, and you’re fearful of turning off loyal salon clients?

Learn The 12 Types of Buyers Retail Love Language

  • Change your mindset of RETAIL SALES in the salon industry by understanding the “new” buying/selling experience for salon guests.
  • Immediately recognize the “triggers” your salon clients say or do, so you can use the correct “RETAIL LOVE LANGUAGE”.
  • Gain confidence by overcoming the fear of sales, and learn what to say when someone says “NO”.

Achieve Monthly Retail Success 15 Point Checklist

  • Assess your current retail practices – create a benchmark.
  • Understand the 15 areas to master for extreme retail sales.