Kim Light

Salon Consultant | Barbershop Consultant | Social Digital Trainer | Web Developer

Kim serves SSBC as a consultant, facilitator and a website developer, specializing in salons, barbershops, social media and SEO. She has true passion for “knowing ALL the things” so she can share them with others.

Kim spent 14 years as a managing partner at a two-location, multi-million-dollar salon company in Austin, TX. The astounding successes achieved after implementing the Summit Salon Systems inspired her to join SSBC as a consultant in 2016. She shared her passion for growing people and helping salon companies and service providers achieve THEIR dreams.

In 2020, Kim took a leap of faith, as she realized that her true calling was to help as many people as she could and became a full-time consultant with SSBC. No longer a leap of faith, but a full-fledged dream came true! Kim spends time every week in salons and barbershops coaching and mentoring service providers and owners, facilitating classes, building websites, teaching people about SEO, and managing social media accounts.


  • Kim is a bird watcher with a life list and a goal to do a big year one day.
  • She is Trekkie at heart.
  • As a kid she had a pet alligator named Elvis.
  • Kim reads at least one leadership, self-help, growth, or business book every month to continue bettering her best.