Araceli “Ari” Castañeda

Leadership Trainer

I am proud to serve as a trainer in SSBC’s Leadership Division.

The selflessness, creativity, and authenticity I’ve found in the beauty industry are unparalleled. I’m consistently blown away by the intersection of beauty, science, and the art of communication present in this industry.

It’s incredible to witness how numbers, systems, and the business side of the beauty industry can be leveraged to help individuals reach their dreams and goals, and truly step into their power. There’s nothing better than witnessing the achievement of others and seeing them recognize their own strength and power.

I started my journey in the industry in 2015 and act as the GM of a multi-location salon company. I have degrees in Psychology and Marriage & Family Therapy and find my role in the leadership division a perfect marriage of my education and passion for the industry.

I am a big sports fan! I love reading and cooking. I’m a runner, a lifelong learner, and have published research.