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At Summit Salon Business Center, we have developed the industry's leading new talent onboarding and training program. Do you want to learn how to create a triple-win with your new hires?

Why An Associate Program?

Building a dedicated, talented and excited team is every owners dream; yet recruiting, and retaining service providers in the "new normal" is not as easy as as it used to be. The best and brightest are looking for a top notch on-boarding and education program. Why not give them a "masters degree" in how to deliver an exceptional guest experience while launching their career faster, better and STRONGER! Check out our upcoming ASSOCIATE PROGRAM: ESSENTIAL workshops. These workshops are held throughout the country, and are a prerequisite for all additional associate training.



The Happiness Project.

Summit is a happiness project that continues to impact thousands in the professional beauty industry through its consistent approach to coaching and mentoring a team to achieve their own definition of happiness. As salon leaders, we tend to project our definition of happiness on our employees. In some ways, it is a natural process that occurs due to a shared vision and values. In other instances, it can cause unnecessary conflict or undue pressure due to the various stages of the employee's personal life. To stay dialed in and create a positive culture, consistently ask your team a straightforward question, "what makes you happy?"


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Live Workshops

Implementing the Summit Associate Program not only helps expand your team; this step-by-step system gives your top-performing stylists the opportunity to maximize each day's income by utilizing an "extra set of hands". We'll help you start each day with a plan to train, grow, and profit - while setting your new talent up for success.


On-Demand Training

Grow your team and your culture by implementing the step-by-step processes in this robust 14-module online course. You'll learn fresh ideas for recruiting, hiring, and training new stylists. You'll discover best practices to maximize service and retail revenue, all while delivering a 'celebrity experience' to every guest.


Onsite Training

    Spend the day with a certified Associate Trainer. Conquer your fear of “booking on the 45," learn best practices working side-by-side with an expert and treat your guests to a true celebrity experience! Our Associate Trainers will spend the day acting as your ideal Associate, helping you customize and master the program.


By leveraging the power of social media effectively, salons can position themselves as desirable employers and attract the best talent to their team. We can design a recruitment Instagram account that attracts top-tier talent to your brand; and we can even engage with them online though likes, comments and DMs - driving applicants to your careers web page.


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We have been discussing recruitment at an elevated level since 2020. As new generations enter the workforce, companies and leaders must embrace new ways of recruiting and onboarding talent. A common reaction to new ways of working is frustration, angst, and abandonment. Many companies decided that training and recruiting require more effort than the reward, only to realize that lack of training and recruitment stagnates growth, cash-flow, and promotes the hostage syndrome. A classic chicken/egg conundrum.

As in most relationships, first impressions make up 80% of the future success rate. When it comes to recruiting, are you doing it wrong?

According to the US Bureau of Labor and Statistics, Gen Z (born 1997-2013) will comprise 30% of the workforce by 2030. It's already the reality for the salon industry, with 95% of cosmetology school graduates being Gen Zs (most of the current year’s graduates born...