Peyton Wilson.jpeg

Peyton Wilson

Associate Program Trainer

I love leaving fingerprints on other peoples lives. The associate program at my salon has allowed me to do just that; make a difference. I have worked in a Summit Salon in the heart of Lexington, KY since 2015 and since then have become a level 4AA and a shareholder. I am the lead of our large associate program; we tend to carry 11-12 associates at a time!

I have found a passion for helping people start their career and to help people who are excelling learn how to properly utilize their associate. Pushing someone to their purpose is my favorite pastime.

I am blessed to be standing where I am today. I truly believe that my purpose on earth is for other people. I think that’s why the associate program became so dear to my heart. While in cosmetology school, I always said I want to touch more hearts than hair. I think I have done just that and hope to continue to do so. I am here to serve.

When I’m not working..

I am usually found on my porch, relaxing and spending time with my baby! I love the simple things and try to find gratitude in everything around me.