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How are you found?

Investing in Google Business Profile (GBP) and SEO for your salon websites and digital marketing is essential for establishing a strong online presence and attracting clients. Just as a well-crafted website serves as a digital representation of a salon's essence and brand, GBP optimization ensures visibility in local search results, becoming a crucial touchpoint for potential clientele. By accurately showcasing salon information, captivating photos, and positive reviews, GBP instills trust and credibility, enticing clients to choose your salon. Moreover, SEO optimization enhances website visibility in search engine results, driving organic traffic and increasing the likelihood of client bookings. Ultimately, investing in GBP and SEO establishes a compelling digital presence, attracting new clients and fostering loyalty among existing ones, thus fueling business growth in the competitive beauty industry.

Why Choose Us?

We offer customized, modern and affordable digital branding + marketing services for your company. The best part is - we are owners and managers just like you. We understand the unique needs of our industry when it comes to social digital strategies, and we know how to deliver beautiful and effective results that inspire you and your team.

What we do.

  • Google Reboot (GBP Optimization):

  • · Increased Visibility: GBP optimization ensures your salon appears prominently in local search results, attracting a wider audience.
  • · Credibility: Accurate information and positive reviews build trust with potential clients, enhancing your salon's credibility.
  • · Showcase Unique Offerings: Features like customer reviews and photos allow you to showcase your salon's unique offerings, attracting discerning clientele.
  • Reputation Management:

  • · Quality Google Reviews: Positive reviews significantly impact search rankings, making reputation management crucial for climbing search results.
  • · Professional Responses: Crafting professional responses to reviews helps maintain a positive online reputation and drives new market share.
  • Competitive Market Analysis:

  • · Insight into Competitors: Monthly reports provide insights into your salon's analytics and social performance, as well as your competitors', helping you stay ahead in the competitive landscape.
  • · Strategic Decision-Making: Understanding your competitors' online strategies allows you to make informed decisions and stay competitive in the market.
  • By leveraging GBP optimization, reputation management, and competitive market analysis, salons can enhance their online visibility, credibility, and competitiveness, attracting and retaining discerning clientele in the competitive beauty industry.


Level Points Applicable

Google Business Profile Reboot | $1,000

Having a robust Google Business Profile is a MUST-HAVE for salons, spas and barbershops. The best part about it is once you have the right set up, maintaining the effectiveness is easy! We have created a 2-hour “HANDS ON” training session where your Summit Social Digital Trainer will walk you through every aspect of Google My Business while actually COMPLETING THE WORK FOR YOU so that you don’t have to go back and do it all on your own – how easy is that?

Reputation Management | $250 Monthly

Getting to the top of the search results is significantly impacted by the quality of your Google Reviews. We will take all of the emotion out of your company's online reviews, by crafting professional and authentic responses that are keyword rich and drive new market share.

Competitive Market Analysis | $200 Monthly

Competitive Market Analysis offers monthly reports on your salon's and competitors' analytics, aiding informed decision-making for staying ahead in the market.

  • · Competitor Discovery Analysis
  • · Monthly Competitive Market Analysis Report w/ Notes
  • · Quarterly 30-min Strategy Session

Reviews play a big part in your salon marketing- and can feel, essentially, out of your control. Better understanding of the consumer psychology behind the "kiss and tell" can help you develop smart strategies to regain control of your reviews.

What This Means

In the age of constant connectedness, we have to accept that every individual has immediate access to an audience through their social media and review websites, such as Yelp, Google and Facebook. We also have to accept that this is not going away. We are in an age of Data Darwinism in which company’s that master the skill of managing customer reviews (and engagement) will surpass those who do not, winning the technological survival of the fittest.

What Can You Do?



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