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The most important resources you can cultivate within your company are your people. You deserve a team that shares your values and passion for our industry - and they deserve a crystal clear roadmap for success.

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We understand the importance of having recruitment and onboarding processes in our companies that not only allow us to attract the very best talent - but that can also run like clockwork, so they don't gobble up all of your time and attention.

From identifying the most effective ways to attract the right people, to onboarding processes that ensure every new team member embodies the spirit of your brand, we're here to support you. We believe that the core of your business lies within the team you build, and we have the strategies and systems to attract and integrate beauty professionals who will drive transformative growth in your company.

Hire and train top talent, concentrate on what you love, and let us help you elevate your team dynamics to new heights.


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Why Recruiting + Onboarding is so Important

  • New hires who claim that they experienced an “exceptional” onboarding program, are more likely to be extremely satisfied by their organization by 2.6 times.

    In companies where effective onboarding plans and processes are followed, employee retention increases by up to 82%.

    The feedback collection aspect of the new hire onboarding process aids the improvement of employee-employer relationships by 91%.

    70% of new hires, that experience an extraordinarily great onboarding process exclaim that they have “the best possible jobs” while the remaining 30% do not find their jobs to be the most ideal ones for them.

We Lead with Experience & Industry Insights

Learn how we can help you recruit, train and retain the industry's top talent.

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What We Can Do For You


By leveraging the power of social media effectively, salons can position themselves as desirable employers and attract the best talent to their team. We can design a recruitment Instagram account that attracts top-tier talent to your brand; and we can even engage with them online though likes, comments and DMs - driving applicants to your careers web page.


Implementing the Summit Associate Program not only helps expand your team; this step-by-step system gives your top-performing stylists the opportunity to maximize each day's income by utilizing an "extra set of hands". We'll help you start each day with a plan to train, grow, and profit - while setting your new talent up for success.


    Spend the day with a certified Associate Trainer. Conquer your fear of “booking on the 45," learn best practices working side-by-side with an expert and treat your guests to a true celebrity experience! Our Associate Trainers will spend the day acting as your ideal Associate, helping you customize and master the program.

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Our Front Desk Division helps salons strategically increase service sales, retail sales, and gift card sales by training the service providers and front desk professionals to work as a cohesive TEAM. With consistent scripting and a clear vision of the purpose of the front desk team, your company can experience a quantum leap in retail sales, average ticket, rebooking and gift card sales!

365 Online Course: Front Desk
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How We Can Help


Designed to elevate your coaching and mentoring skills, tailored specifically for Front Desk Teams. Gain insights into one-on-one sessions, recruitment, and dynamic training techniques. Understand the dual mission of customer service and sales, and master launching efficient sales team meetings.


Our expert trainers share authentic inspiration for how to implement Summit Front Desk systems. Identify Top 20 mindset VS Bottom 80 mindset and how these behaviors effect a customer's first impression, and ultimately the success of the team. This 365 online course is a Summit salon favorite!


  • We customize an onsite training to help you achieve the FULL revenue potential of your front desk team. You will enhance your salon’s current customer service systems by focusing on upgrading and gaining consistency with scripts, and implementing goals, rewards, and tracking at the front desk.

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Well trained teams are more effective, embrace the company culture and have a higher retention. Ensuring that your team is onboarded and trained consistently and efficiently is crucial - we've got you covered.

How We Can Help




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