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Grow the future.

In today’s fast-paced salon industry one’s technical skills will only take a service provider so far. Partnering with Summit's Cosmetology School Coaches gives your instructors a plan to awaken and grow your student’s understanding of the additional skills necessary to achieve extraordinary income and happiness as a salon professional!

Our School Coaches provide maximum value and results due to our growth-focused practices, best-in-class expertise and world-class infrastructure – as well as a culture that places earning trust, delivering uncompromised guest stewardship, and building long-term relationships above all else.

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Summit Salon Academies believe that happiness comes from doing what you love. We are committed to elevating our industry by teaching students innovative, proven Summit Salon™ systems that help future service providers grow their careers faster better and STRONGER.

Summit Salon Academy

The Criteria

Attend The Summit

Crafting a robust website strategy is essential for establishing a strong online presence. It involves a thoughtful approach to design, content, and functionality that aligns with the goals and values of the business.

Attend School Connect

Developing compelling website content is a strategic process that involves crafting information to captivate and engage visitors effectively. The key to effective website content lies in its ability to inform, resonate, and compel action from the audience.

Interview with the Summit Salon Academy Owners' Committee

Crafting an effective website design requires a strategic approach to ensure a seamless and engaging user experience. Ultimately, a well-crafted website design not only captures attention but also effectively communicates the brand message and facilitates user engagement.

Earn Summit Curriculum Designation

A well-developed website for a hair salon serves as a dynamic hub, attracting and retaining clients by effectively communicating the salon's unique identity and offerings.


School Consulting

Expert guidance for implementing Summit Salon School Systems! All of our school consultants have witnessed the tremendous power of Summit Salon Systems on the bottom line and the culture. They will work with you one-on-one to clarify your current goals, create a customized map to achieve them, and provide the resources to make it a reality!

  • Realize the full sales potential of the salon area and front desk
  • Marketing and training initiatives for students AND staff
  • Intelligent Verbiage scripts and custom tools for client visits

School Consulting: 1-on-1 Virtual Sessions

  • Sessions are led by a Summit School Consultant
  • A great after-care plan following School Connect
  • Tailored topics and goals meet you where you are at
  • Grow further and faster than you ever imagined possible!
  • $250 per session
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The challenges of running a cosmetology school are many but so are the opportunities! SCHOOL CONNECT provides a window into the proven systems that successful schools across North America are using today to achieve amazing results. Come discover how Summit Salon Business Center brings beauty and business together in exciting new ways!

What is School Connect?

A one day, school-hosted, intensive program for TWO people from your school company:

• Engaging and interactive curriculum design that will allow you to learn from school leaders who are using the ACTUAL programs and systems we discuss!

• Customized for YOUR school! Topics will include some or all of the following based on YOUR needs: salon area productivity, admissions, front desk, leadership, curriculum, and social media!

New Sessions Every Month!

Your School Connect session includes The Summit 3.5 Day Program and one complimentary virtual session with a Summit School Coach.




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Meet Our School Division Coaches

#teamsummit is made up of a dynamic and diverse group of individuals who share a set of core values and a passion for growing others through servant leadership. We believe that everyone in our industry has the ability to achieve success and prosperity.

We are salon, school, spa and barbershop owners. We are service providers and guest service experts. We are accountants, web developers, educators and coaches - but more importantly, we are deeply committed to helping you realize your vision and your goals.


Finding the right team members is a process. Do not be afraid of interviewing and do not be afraid of uninviting people. The most important goal is to bring in team members that thrive within your company and enrich your salon culture.

That being said, our best practices for recruiting, interviewing and hiring start with one very important acknowledgment. We are working with a new generation that prioritizes quality of life and has adapted fully to technology.

This is important because it impacts EACH step of bringing in new team members.


Technology is key even in the application process. We have to make sure that our processes of applying, hiring and training are all up to date and evolved to attract our ideal team member!

We need to be in the game!

Once we have that in place – the question is…

Who should we be recruiting?

Where should we find them?



The Benefits


Learn, Earn, and Live Better

Summit Salon Academies utilize the Summit Salon™ performance-based system to teach future service providers how to provide an exceptional guest experience and enhance their earning potential. The Academies marry this performance-based methodology with technical training to provide the most innovative and advanced Cosmetology School experience available in North America.


Career-Minded Beauty Professionals

Summit Salon Academy utilizes the Summit Salon Systems which are a proven method for growth in the professional beauty industry. These business building skills mean that, if you choose to, you can build a long-term career doing what you love.Our students learn:

  • Business Skills to Grow a Clientele
  • Tools to Track and Measure
  • Mentorship and Personal Development
  • Graduates have used the Summit Salon Systems to earn $100,000 annually.

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