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Why Go It Alone When You Don't Have To?

As the world’s largest salon, spa and school business consulting company, Summit Salon Business Center's systems and strategies are an unparalleled resource for owners, managers, service providers, educators and students. Many of our 100+ coaches actually started out as clients, and joined team Summit due to a strong desire to pass it on.

We have walked in your shoes, and we understand the unique challenges facing independent business owners in the beauty industry. Let us be there with you - every step of the way.

Who We Serve

Summit Salon Business Center has a deep, personal commitment to keeping salon, school, spa, and barbershop companies prosperous and profitable. We provide so much more than strategies and support to owners, service providers, industry leaders, guest service experts, school owners and students... we foster a community of like minded professionals with a shared set of core values and an understanding that what we do every day can and should be something we love.

We believe in elevating our industry "one person at a time" - by growing others, bettering our best every day, and passing it on.

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"In the first year of having these systems, we doubled our service dollars and tripled our retail dollars."

  • Bryan Sullivan, Owner
  • Chemistry Hair Salon

The Certification Journey

This comprehensive coaching package is unlike anything you will find in the market, and is specifically designed to propel the growth of your salon, spa, barbershop or school.

Over an 8-month period, and with a combination of virtual coaching and on-site visits, your coach will guide you through six modules designed to empower you and your team with the systems and strategies you need to reach your full potential.

Our certification journey will provide guidance, accountability and the support you deserve. You don't have to go it alone - and we will be by your side, every step of the way. Upon completion of all six modules, you will become a Certified Summit Company.

Certified companies are invited to join Summit Community, our members-only online community that offers live forums, videos, training, destination events and member benefits available only to members.

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Custom Salon Coaching

If our certification journey does not meet your company's particular needs, our coaches can design a custom coaching package that will meet you and your team where you are at, and guide and support you while you take the next important steps in your business.

Whether you are a new salon owner raising capital and planning your build-out, or an established, multi-unit branding looking to sell your brand and leave a lasting legacy, Summit has the tools and strategies you need to help you realize your full potential. You deserve to have a partner by your side - and our coaches are ready to serve you and your team.

Meet our Salons: Maribou Salon



Custom School Coaching

In today’s fast-paced salon industry one’s technical skills will only take a service provider so far. Partnering with Summit's Cosmetology School Coaches gives your instructors a plan to awaken and grow your student’s understanding of the additional skills necessary to achieve extraordinary income and happiness as a salon professional!

Our School Coaches provide maximum value and results due to our growth-focused practices, best-in-class expertise and world-class infrastructure – as well as a culture that places earning trust, delivering uncompromised guest stewardship, and building long-term relationships above all else.

Meet our Schools: Summit Salon Academy Tampa



Custom Spa Coaching

The global spa marketing is valued at over $50 billion. In terms of spa guests, approximately 43% of all spa guests (including resorts and hotels) are local guests. Now is an amazing time to develop your spa company or spa program.

SSBC's Spa Specialty Coaching will support your spa professionals specifically by bridging the gap of understanding with the scripts to implement Summit systems in a spa environment. We will take you through targeted coaching modules that will align your company’s budget, career path compensation plans, service standards and marketing.

Meet our Spas: Hidden Door Med Spa



Custom Barbershop Coaching

Barbering is one of the fastest growing professions in the beauty industry. The men's grooming industry is predicted to grow to more than $26 billion, and barbering specifically to over $5.5 billion.

Now you can have the successful barbershop business you’ve always dreamed of - even if you don’t know where to start. Our Barbershop Coaches will work with you to establish guidelines to maximize your income now and in the years to come. We will teach you AND your team how to expand your service menu, enhance your customer’s experience - while helping you understand how to encourage, empower, and lead your team!

Meet our Barbershops: Redlan's Gentlemen's Grooming


Your journey toward your full potential starts here.


Meet Our Coaches

#teamsummit is made up of a dynamic and diverse group of individuals who share a set of core values and a passion for growing others through servant leadership. We believe that everyone in our industry has the ability to achieve success and prosperity.

We are salon, school, spa and barbershop owners. We are service providers and guest service experts. We are accountants, web developers, educators and coaches - but more importantly, we are deeply committed to helping you realize your vision and your goals.

We are here to meet you where you're at, and guide you to the top!

PPD Partnership Info

Summit Salon Business Center, in exclusive partnership with L’Oréal Professional Products, is committed to ensuring the business and personal success of every salon and spa professional. Our program boosts salon efficiency and cash flow by helping salons work better.

L’Oréal Professional Products brands support our efforts in elevating the salon industry by making Summit available to salons that have a desire to become a trusted partner.