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Reveal your brand.

A well-crafted website is indispensable for a salon as it serves as a digital representation of its essence, brand, and company culture. This online platform becomes a crucial touchpoint for clientele, offering a visual and informative experience that resonates with the salon's unique identity. Through thoughtful design and content, a website can effectively communicate the salon's style, values, and atmosphere, creating a connection with the target audience. This digital presence not only attracts new clients but also fosters a sense of loyalty among existing ones, as they can easily relate to and engage with the salon's distinctive character. In essence, a captivating website is a powerful tool for conveying the heart and soul of a salon, forging meaningful connections with clients in the digital landscape

Why choose us?

We offer customized, modern and affordable digital branding + marketing services for your company. The best part is - we are owners and managers just like you. We understand the unique needs of our industry when it comes to social digital strategies, and we know how to deliver beautiful and effective results that inspire you and your team.

What we do.


Crafting a robust website strategy is essential for establishing a strong online presence. It involves a thoughtful approach to design, content, and functionality that aligns with the goals and values of the business.


Developing compelling website content is a strategic process that involves crafting information to captivate and engage visitors effectively. The key to effective website content lies in its ability to inform, resonate, and compel action from the audience.


Crafting an effective website design requires a strategic approach to ensure a seamless and engaging user experience. Ultimately, a well-crafted website design not only captures attention but also effectively communicates the brand message and facilitates user engagement.


A well-developed website for a hair salon serves as a dynamic hub, attracting and retaining clients by effectively communicating the salon's unique identity and offerings.

The fun stuff.

Bella Trio

  • Bella Trio has been a leader in improving the quality of life and helping to make our community beautiful since 2003. In order to continue leading the way in our industry, Bella Trio has created an exciting new concept in the spa experience with only one goal in mind – creating a unique and exceptional encounter for all our guests! Bella Trio offers a superior facility, the best product lines and staff with years of experience.

Services Rendered

  • Website Design + Development
  • Google + SEO
  • Competitive Market Analysis
  • Blog Writing

J. Michael Salon

We believe in building relationships with our guests. From the moment you walk into J Michaels Salon until the time your service is completed, you will be treated as a member of our family. It is our mission to serve you, and we put our guests' needs at the forefront of our business.

Services Rendered

Website Design + Development

Blake Rose Salon + Spa

Located in the heart of Grandview in Columbus, our upscale boutique salon offers world-class services ranging from award-winning hair styling and coloring to waxing, brow lamination, lash extensions, lash lift + lash tint, hair extensions, and spray tanning. Our salon and spa is warm and inviting, the perfect place to reinvent or rejuvenate yourself. We welcome you to Blake Rose Salon + Spa and look forward to having you as our guest!

Services Rendered

  • Website Design + Development
  • SEO Optimization

Our Platform Partner

Spacecraft is a user-friendly website host platform that makes it easy to establish an online presence without any coding knowledge. Our designers will build your website to ensure it reflects your brand's unique identity - and you will have the power to make your own updates effortlessly.


Level Points Applicable | Payment Plans Available

Website Design | Starting at $4500 (12-month payment plans available)

We will custom create a beautifully designed, Google optimized, dynamic website that speaks to your company's core values. Our team will also write your new site verbiage, including new bios for everyone on your team. The best part: our design fees are one-time with a modest $49 monthly hosting fee. Compare that to company's who charge $300+ per month FOREVER. You do the math...

SEO Optimization | Starting at $500

By employing relevant keywords, optimizing content, and enhancing site structure, SEO helps attract organic traffic, increasing the likelihood of reaching and engaging the target audience. We can also customize your SEO to boost specific departments or services in your company.

Website Add-Ons | Starting at $500

Website add-ons like blog writing and e-commerce provide valuable enhancements to the user experience. A regularly updated blog not only boosts SEO but also engages visitors with informative and relevant content, while embedding e-commerce can seamlessly integrate the online user experience, expanding a website's capabilities to facilitate online sales.

Dynamic Sales Funnels | Consultation Required

With the proliferation of online booking, more and more new and potential guests are finding your brand online after business hours. We will create lead capture forms for your website, then launch automated nurture campaigns with monthly newsletters + blogs. How next level s that?


I think we can all agree that we're living in the digital age, where first impressions often kick off with a simple click. And for hair salons, your website is basically your online storefront. It's not just a jumble of pixels and lines of code – it's the virtual handshake that introduces potential guests (and stylists) to your fabulous brand. Imagine stumbling upon a hair salon's website that's like a work of art, perfectly capturing the salon's vibe and services. Instantly, you're hooked. That's the secret sauce of a well-thought-out online presence.

Now, when it comes to crafting the perfect website for your salon, our Marketing & Branding Team have your back. We get it because we're salon owners and managers just like you. We understand the unique needs of our industry when it comes to website development, and we're experts at delivering beautiful and effective...


Make your website work for you


SEO Optimization

By implementing effective SEO strategies, you can improve your website's visibility in search engine results, making it easier for potential clients to find you when they're searching for salon services online. This increased visibility can lead to higher website traffic, more inquiries, and ultimately, more bookings for your salon. Additionally, SEO optimization helps to enhance user experience by making your website more user-friendly, faster, and easier to navigate. By investing in SEO, you're not just improving your online presence – you're also laying the foundation for long-term success and growth for your salon business.


Blog Writing

Blog writing for your salon website offers numerous benefits that can help elevate your online presence and attract more clients. It allows you to showcase your expertise and establish credibility in the industry by sharing valuable insights, tips, and trends related to haircare, styling, and beauty. Additionally, blogging provides an opportunity to improve your website's search engine optimization (SEO) by regularly publishing fresh, relevant content that can help boost your rankings in search engine results. Overall, incorporating blog writing into your salon website strategy can help attract and retain clients, boost your online visibility, and establish your salon as a go-to destination for beauty and style advice.


Dynamic Sales Funnels

Dynamic email sales funnels serve as invaluable website add-ons for hair salons, revolutionizing client communication and marketing efforts. By implementing these personalized pathways, salons can tailor email content to individual client preferences, behaviors, and interests, nurturing relationships and driving conversions. Through targeted promotions, exclusive offers, and relevant content, such funnels not only enhance client engagement but also increase retention and encourage repeat business.

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