Let us meet you where you are, and guide you to the top.

We coach, mentor, and provide innovative services and resources to help you discover your full potential and live your best life.



We believe in accepting accountability for our actions, responsibilities and goals.


Our ever-changing industry mandates that we embrace new ways of thinking and new ways of doing.


We encourage others to focus their time and energy on what brings them joy.


Our leadership is powerful only in how it inspires and motivates someone else. ​

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Who We Serve

Summit Salon Business Center has a deep, personal commitment to keeping salon, school, spa, and barbershop companies prosperous and profitable. We provide so much more than strategies and support to owners, service providers, industry leaders, guest service experts, school owners and students... we foster a community of like minded professionals with a shared set of core values and an understanding that what we do every day can and should be something we love.

We believe in elevating our industry "one person at a time" - by growing others, bettering our best every day, and passing it on.

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"In the first year of having these systems, we doubled our service dollars and tripled our retail dollars."

  • Bryan Sullivan, Owner
  • Chemistry Hair Salon

What We Offer

Summit offers turnkey systems and strategies - as well as the coaching, training and services to support you as you understand, implement and master success in your company. Click the icons below to learn more.

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Our coaches come from businesses just like yours. They will help customize and implement our systems and strategies, prioritizing what you need most,

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Our Foundational Program will provide you with a comprehensive and powerful experience, that sets up your custom coaching journey.

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A members-only space to connect with Certified Summit Salons, Spas, Barbershops and Schools just like yours to share success stories and ideas.

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We offer a wide variety of service that support the operation of your business, from bookkeeping and lease negotiation to social media management and meeting facilitation.

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Our trainers specialize in specific areas of your business such as finance and sales, recruitment and on-boarding, marketing and branding and leadership development.

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Online learning is a critical component of your salon's continuing education strategy. Our courses are designed to help your team master Summit systems and strategies.

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Excite, engage and support your team! Live workshops happen both virtually and in-person, and can even be customized for a full-day in-salon experience.

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Our tools and guidebooks were created by industry professionals for industry professionals, and will help your team better their best and achieve career goals.

We will meet you where you are - and guide you to the top!

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Success Stories

Don't just take our word for it. Take a moment to meet some of our client owners and how their Summit journey transformed their businesses and led them to the success they always dreamed of.

Chemistry Hair Salon

Meet Bryan, owner of Chemistry Hair Salon. Within their first year of implementing our systems, his salon DOUBLED its service dollars and TRIPLED retail sales! And that wasn’t the only benefit he saw - but we’ll let Bryan tell you about what he’s experienced himself.

Urban Betty

Chelle Neff of Urban Betty Salon in Austin, TX went from having only $2K in the bank to over $50k in just two months of implementing just ONE of our strategies. Eventually, they grew by 82% in only 3 years!

Jungle Red Salon

How would you feel if you suddenly moved your salon to a high-end area of town with high-end rent? Naturally, this would cause sleepless nights for many owners. But that’s not what happened to Lisa Travis, owner of Jungle Red Salon in Miamisburg, OH. Instead, her salon grew by 15% that year! Partly because she implemented strategies that led to her better connecting with her team. Watch as she details her experience. It will truly inspire you:

Gemini of Chicago

Meet the Kiorkis sisters, Owners of Gemini Of Chicago. Like many salon owners, they knew how to style hair, but next to nothing when it came to running a salon business. Because of this, they struggled with growth and sustainability. After just one year of implementing Summit Salon’s systems, they experienced an impressive 18% growth! Since then, they have maintained 15% growth each year.

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