Interview 9, Hire 3, Keep 1

Finding the right team members is a process. Do not be afraid of interviewing and do not be afraid of uninviting people. The most important goal is to bring in team members that thrive within your company and enrich your salon culture.

That being said, our best practices for recruiting, interviewing and hiring start with one very important acknowledgment. We are working with a new generation that prioritizes quality of life and has adapted fully to technology.

This is important because it impacts EACH step of bringing in new team members.


Technology is key even in the application process. We have to make sure that our processes of applying, hiring and training are all up to date and evolved to attract our ideal team member!

We need to be in the game!

Once we have that in place – the question is…

Who should we be recruiting?

Where should we find them?

And… how?

Summit Salon Business Center recommends hiring someone right out of beauty school. On average this is a 19-21 year old. We are going to be able to find them at the local Cosmetology Schools in your area.

The person who should be recruiting them is your CURRENT ASSOCIATE.

Think about it. If you have one of your current associates go into a beauty school and give a talk on what their experience has been with the Associate Program in your salon company, the impact is going to be much more effective because it is peer to peer.

Remember – simply calling a beauty school and letting them know that you’re hiring is not going to drive the applications to your company that you want. It’s about building the relationship and bringing value.

Once your Associate has talked about your business and someone is interested – they’re going to pull out their mobile devices so you need to be sure your website looks current and trendy and that your potential associate can apply directly online.


Summit Salon Business Center recommends 3 interviews.

The first interview is about first impressions. We always joke that interview day is the best that person will ever look when working for your company – so if you are not impressed – then do not invite them back for a second interview!

The second interview you will give them scripts to memorize. We know intelligent verbiage is PRICELESS. If they’re not willing to memorize the scripts or get out of their comfort zone – then you can already see that they are not the right fit for your company.

The third interview is where they shadow for a couple of hours on the salon floor. Here is where they will get to see what exactly an Associate does and they will get to feel out the overall salon culture.

Remember that if someone doesn’t show up for the second or third interview, or if someone says “no, thank you” to the position – THAT IS OKAY. The interview process is key to weed out people who will not be the right fit for you and welcome people who will love it and compliment your culture.


Once you’ve said, “you’re hired!” you can then get him/her started on the incredible journey of the Associate Program. Before long – he/she will be the one recruiting your next Associate!