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Larry A. Henderson

School Coach

It's a privilege to be a part of an industry that not only changes lives but also fosters a community of passionate individuals. In the world of beauty and education, my passion truly lies in witnessing the transformation and growth of our students and professionals into exceptional service providers. From their very first day, when I ask them, "Why did you choose this industry?" to seeing their dreams manifest into reality, the journey is profoundly inspiring.

Since my initial encounter with Summit in 2007, it has revolutionally changed my life and career trajectory. Starting with one salon and grappling with the complexities of business management, the systems and coaching from Summit enabled me to expand dramatically. By 2013, I had opened two additional salon locations and a school. Now, my focus is on enriching other schools with the Summit systems, ensuring they can likewise achieve their aspirations.

I have been entrenched in the beauty industry for over two decades, both as a salon owner and a director of a school. Beyond my professional life, I am an avid cook who loves to grill. This passion for cooking adds a flavorful dimension to my life, much like my work enriches the lives of others in the beauty industry.