Adrianna Powers

Team Leader: School Division | School Coach

I proudly serve as a Summit School consultant and team leader. I also am the Admissions Director for Summit Salon Academy in beautiful Tampa, Florida. Over the last decade, I've had the privilege of guiding countless individuals toward a prosperous future in the salon industry, emphasizing the symbiotic relationship between hands-on technical training and savvy business acumen, all thanks to the invaluable resources provided by the Summit Salon Business Center.

My journey in this field has allowed me to witness the transformation of over 1,000 graduates as they enter the vibrant world of beauty and hair care. Seeing their achievements has been nothing short of inspiring, and it fuels my enthusiasm to share my experiences and expertise with other schools. I'm eager to assist them in implementing these systems to pave the way for similar growth and success.

Before venturing into the world of salon education, I pursued my education at Florida State University, where I earned a Bachelor of Arts degree focusing on writing and communications. Little did I know then that my passion for communication would be a vital asset in my career. I now work diligently to help admissions representatives nationwide convey the importance of cultivating sound business practices for students. These practices are not only essential for their professional journey but also for their personal and financial success in the long run.

I am an avid workout enthusiast and even had the privilege of sharing the track with the illustrious four-time Olympic gold medalist, Sanya Richards-Ross. It was an incredible experience that instilled in me the values of discipline, hard work, and determination.

In addition to my career and athletic adventures, my life is enriched by the presence of my two lively and charming boys (though, if you ask my husband, he might say we have three). I'm also a creative soul at heart, and I enjoy expressing myself through various outlets. Cooking, writing, and even shopping are outlets for my creative energy. After all, there's an art to selecting the perfect ingredients, crafting a compelling narrative, and curating a stylish wardrobe.