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Ann Martin

Associate Trainer

In a career spanning 33 years, I've discovered the profound ability of a hairstylist to change lives, not merely through skill, but through the deep relationships and trust we forge. Every interaction in the salon offers a chance to brighten someone's day, a humbling responsibility I hold dear.

Working at JazzHair Studio for the past 11 years has been a transformative journey. While I once moved through salons with vague direction and insufficient leadership, JazzHair's clear vision and robust systems reshaped my trajectory. Here, I not only soared in earnings but found a structure that keeps me accountable and perpetually growth-oriented. Embracing the Summit Systems enhanced my service offerings, elevating the guest experience to unparalleled heights. The motivation from this culture prompted me to achieve both my Colour and Design Certifications. Furthermore, as a Redken Artist, I've had the rewarding experience of sharing my knowledge, nurturing associates, and witnessing their rise to earning their places in our esteemed salon.

Today, as a Master Stylist at JazzHair, I relish the continuous opportunities for personal and financial growth. Training associates and working efficient, fulfilling shifts have placed me at the zenith of my profession. The pride of seeing associates flourish and secure their chairs is an emotion beyond words.

Beyond the salon, my passion extends to designing spaces, a talent I've honed with a diploma in Interior Design. In my downtime, the aroma of my kitchen tells tales of my love for cooking and serving delectable dishes. My penchant for plants and flowers manifests in the planters I lovingly curate each season. From transforming looks to spaces, my life revolves around creation and growth.