Julie Rubino

Salon Coach | Associate Trainer

I'm proud to serve as an Associate Program Trainer and Salon Coach at SSBC. My journey in the salon industry has been a testament to the idea that hard work and intelligent decisions are the keys to success. Despite working part-time, I've consistently ranked among the top 20% of stylists at the salon as a level 6 stylist.

My adventure in the world of beauty began when I took on the role of front desk support staff. It was there that I discovered my passion for the industry. In 2007, I earned my cosmetology degree from Summit Salons Academy.

Over the past decade, I've dedicated myself to building a loyal clientele, refining my skills, and pushing the boundaries of my craft and business acumen. Today, I'm not just a stylist but also an owner at Shear Art Salon and Spa in Tampa.

Driven by ambition and a desire for results, I've utilized the resources of the Summit Salon System to optimize my workflow and reach my financial goals. I'm incredibly excited about the opportunity to inspire and educate others, drawing upon my experiences and knowledge from behind the salon chair to help people become their most successful selves.

Beyond my professional life, I have a couple of passions that keep me energized and fulfilled. When I'm not styling hair, you might find me tending to my chicken farm or searching for the perfect antique furniture to upcycle. As the mother of three energetic boys, I've learned to give my all to maintain my sanity – and it's that same commitment and dedication that I bring to everything I do in life.