Dani Miller

Salon Coach | Associate Trainer

I proudly serve SSBC as a Salon Coach and Associate Trainer. In this industry, we are in a unique space to make beautiful, authentic, genuine connections and to serve others through those relationships. I couldn’t imagine spending my time any other way.

SSBC is a breath of fresh air in the ways we create a community of positivity and light. I love guiding salon owners to a true understanding of their financials and an actionable plan for their businesses.

I started in the industry with the intent of working my way through college doing hair—I did not see it as an opportunity for a career. When my salon owners brought in the Summit Systems I realized a path to make A LOT of money doing something I love. Becoming an Associate Mentor allowed me to be present in the lives of my kids and family. This is why I became a coach. I want to teach others that there is endless possibility and potential in this industry.

Outside of my work with SSBC, I am a level 9 stylist, associate educator and the salon director at my Summit salon company. I have 2 teenagers, 2 frenchies, and I love to serve and volunteer.

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