Jason Culverhouse

Leadership Trainer

I love that we have the opportunity to be Professional Artists. To me our industry is the perfect marriage of freedom and structure. Elevating the dignity of team members and making guests feel beautiful from the inside out is what it's all about.

We became a Summit Salon in 2007. I can't put into words what this means to me. We would not be where we are now if it weren't for the Summit system. Structure = Freedom, this has been our path. Our coaches, the system, and the support we have received has made all the difference.

I love when someone realizes that what they do for a living can also be (and should be) attached to their life purpose. What we get to do for a living is amplified into a calling when we look deeper into the question "What am I here for?". The professionals that truly thrive are the ones who connect the why with the what.

I have been a salon owner since 2006, facilitated retreats and experiential activities for salon companies around the US, and am a student of living life on purpose.

I am a father of 3, husband of 30 yrs, and love the outdoors. Honorable mention: I have too many hats and surfboards.