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Custom Promotions & Buyer Types

Strong promotions are CUSTOM promotions. Promotions that someone sees and thinks – that’s EXACTLY what I want and need.

At SSBC we train our retail Rockstars to understand 12 different buyer types. Have you ever stopped to think about what “BUYERS” are most common in your salon company?

The majority of the promotions are often focused on the SPECIALS buyer who likes to take advantage of promotions when they receive a discount or special offer – but there are 11 other types that you can be missing out on!

What does this look like?

For example, many companies have a majority of CONVENIENCE buyers. This means that they are money rich/ time poor. They like when things make their life easier and save them an extra step. To cater to this buyer type we can create a special promotion just for them

Convenience Buyer Promotion + Script


  • Pre-loaded gift cards at different amounts
  • Includes a mini or premium sample
  • The card is already gift wrapped and ready to go

The Convenience Buyer doesn’t want to spend time putting a gift together, thinking about “how much” or waiting for the card to be loaded and set-up. They want to easily and efficiently add it on and get going. Try loading $50, $100 and $150 gift cards.

The script can sound like this: “Did you have any birthdays or office parties coming up? We have pre-wrapped gift cards that include a complimentary product, and they are ready to grab and go. Just let me know if you are interested.”

How easy is that?

Here is another one. The SELF buyer. The SELF buyer is interested in what YOU love. They trust your expertise and you are who they look up to. This is an often overlooked buyer type (although you probably have a Guest Service Expert selling this way without even knowing it).

Self Buyer Promotion + Script


  • · Staff each picks their favorite product
  • · Put a badge on the retail shelf reading “Ashley’s Fave”
  • · Have favorite product at the station or in the treatment room with a promotional sign

There are two ways you can approach this promotion. It is especially effective for those companies that have a hard time getting service providers to recommend retail promotions. You can offer a discount on each staff pick (15% - 20% for example). You ca also run this promotion without the discount – remember, the SELF buyer is interested because it’s a staff pick, not because it is discounted.

The script can sound like this: Just so you know, Ashley is offering her favorite product to her guests for 15% off today. Feel free to ask her about why she loves it so much.

Want to learn more about the 12 buyer types and how you can create custom promotions for each? The Front Desk Division offers in-salon training for the entire team that will walk them through making an incredible first impression on your guests.