Investing in Your Company Culture

There are challenging days in any small business, particularly in the beauty industry (deep breaths....). The culture within your company can either reduce the impact of those days or fan the flames until you are faced with a virtual bonfire! Many leaders struggle to even identify the pulse of the culture within their company let alone shape it.

This can lead to staff retention issues, loss of potential income and even leadership burnout. Imagine if you had a group of like-minded professionals working in your company that shared your vales and vision AND loved coming to work every day AND knew how they could contribute to the success and growth of the company - is that even possible?

Here's the truth about the culture of your business:

As an owner YOU are 100% responsible for the culture of your business.100% – not 99%! YOU are 100% responsible for the culture!

 Our experience has proven, time and time again, that strong salon culture is built on establishing and holding tight to a strong value system – this starts with the leader of the company.

You can get started by getting clear on:

  • Why you decided to start your company

  • Why you love working with your team

  • Why it’s important that they find happiness in your company

Values speak to our moral compasses. No matter what endeavor you’re taking on in life – you need an anchor and foundation to help you make it through the journey. Value statements also help you communicate and set your expectations for what’s acceptable and what’s not acceptable and how you’re all going to work together as a team.

It is important that you take the time (we suggest with your coach) to bring the team through a group exercise where the core values of the company are defined and buy-in is achieved. Moving forward, evaluate progress as defined by these values and hold yourself and your team accountable for exhibiting those values each day.

Our new Leadership Division is a great place to find support both for your team through staff and leaderships retreats; and support for you as a leader through one-on –one leadership coaching. Click here to learn more.