Is Your Team Afraid to Sound "Salesy"?

HAVE YOU EVER… known what a client needs to be using at home to get the results she is looking for, but you’ve stayed quiet? Have you ever noticed that there was time to add foils or a shine gloss to a haircut guests appointment, but you didn’t speak up?

Have you ever known that a salon guest has the opportunity to get a manicure during her processing time – but you’ve said nothing?

It’s okay… we completely understand, you have “sales” baggage!

Look, we have all experienced the awkward disaster of a high pressure sales pitch. Whether it was when we were searching for a new car, trying to install “basic” internet service or even just ordering dinner. And now that we’ve had those experiences, we are TERRIFIED that we will ever make someone else feel like that.

Your fear of accidentally making someone feel pressured and coming off “salesy” keeps you and your incredible recommendations quiet.

The good news is that we’re here to help you cross the bridge and make beautiful recommendations that are everything except for “salesy.” Want to know how?

Certified Front Desk Trainer and Summit Salon Consultant, Rose Coitrone shares about Sales Softeners and how they can make your authentic offerings approachable and comfortable for everyone.

When we want to recommend a product or service, what we’re really trying to do is just make sure that people have awareness! Awareness is the key. Sales Softeners are phrases which you can add to the beginning and ending of your offer to make it come across as informational, friendly and approachable.

Beginner Softeners:

“Just so you know…”

“By the way…”

“Have you seen…?”

“Has anyone told you about… ?”

By having the softener, what you’re able to do is feel more comfortable talking about what the current promotion is, which products you recommend or even which service you think would be a good fit for that guest.

For a Front Desk Team Member it is all about becoming an INFORMATION desk – not a SALES desk.