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The Isolation Trap

You don’t have to run your salon company alone.

Would you rather feel isolated OR have a partner with you, a community to share with, and a pathway that can help you grow to the next level?

As salon owners, we opened our companies with the mission to do it better, bigger, faster than who we worked with before or who we graduated school with. Many of us opened our companies out of an emotional reaction to our surroundings and with a dream. Oftentimes, we get in over our head, because we lack the foundational knowledge to create what we dreamed of.

The truth is that we can only go so far as our experience allows us to go.

If you look at the most successful companies, salon’s and even in other industries, they all have something in common. It is that at some point, they realized that they didn’t have all of the knowledge that they needed in order to scale their business, and so they decided to bring in coaches and mentors to help them - or, as Michael Cole calls it, they invested in “Welcome Intruders.”

Salon owners face so much. We are inundated with social media, inventory guidelines, budgeting, restructuring, how do we hire, how do we train, how do we keep your team motivated… etc. And who has the time to focus on these challenges? Especially if we are still working as a service providers within our companies.

The good news is that you do not have to reinvent the wheel.

With Summit, the process is all laid out for you, if you have the willingness to take it and implement our systems.Y

You can be in business FOR yourself, but you don’t need to be in business BY YOURSELF.

We are here to help keep the independent salons, spas, barbershops and schools in business. We have the proven systems to do this. You deserve to have someone on your side.

A great way to get started, is our FREE Business Growth Calculator.

This diagnostic tool provides a benchmark of where you are compared to other companies that are similar to yours. Some of the areas we review include:

  • Rebook
  • Retention
  • New guest
  • Retail
  • Rent/debt ratio
  • Front Desk Budget

We look for your biggest red flags and help to layout a plan for you to conquer them one at a time.

Whether we meet virtually, in-salon or during The Summit, we’re here to help you find community, support and happiness in your salon company. Click below to schedule a complimentary 30-minute call with one of our coaches.