Reputation Package | $550 per month* +

With our Reputation Package, you'll fortify your salon's reputation, attract more customers, and solidify your position as a trusted leader in the industry. Let's elevate your online reputation and drive lasting success together! Includes:

  • GBP Reboot: Elevate your online presence with a comprehensive Google Business Profile reboot, ensuring that your salon's listing accurately reflects your brand identity and offerings.

  • GBP Management: Stay on top of your Google Business Profile with ongoing management, including regular updates, monitoring, and optimization to maintain a positive online presence.

  • GBP, Yelp Reviews: Cultivate a stellar reputation with a proactive approach to managing reviews on platforms like Google Business Profile and Yelp, responding to feedback promptly and professionally to showcase your commitment to customer satisfaction.

  • Apple Business Profile Reboot: Maximize visibility and credibility with an optimized Apple Business Profile reboot, ensuring that your salon stands out to potential customers on Apple Maps and other Apple platforms.

  • Yelp Reboot: Enhance your presence on Yelp with a strategic reboot, optimizing your profile to attract more positive reviews and improve overall ratings.

  • Facebook/Instagram Auto Responders: Engage with your social media followers effortlessly with automated responses on platforms like Facebook and Instagram, ensuring prompt and personalized interactions that enhance customer satisfaction.

  • Monthly Dashboard: Gain valuable insights into your salon's online reputation with a comprehensive monthly dashboard, tracking key metrics, review trends, and performance indicators to inform your reputation management strategy.

*Set-up fee applies.