Strategy Social Media Content Management | $800 per month* +

With our Strategy Social Media Content Management Package, you'll receive a comprehensive suite of services to elevate your social media strategy, drive engagement, and achieve your business objectives. Let's collaborate to unlock new opportunities for success and growth! Includes:

  • Comprehensive Content: Designed for companies with 15 or more employees or producing a minimum of 40 posts per month, this package encompasses a diverse range of content formats, including photos, videos, and engaging posts.

  • Strategic Pricing: With a monthly fee of $800 and a one-time setup fee of $400*, this package offers exceptional value for businesses seeking a robust social media management solution.

  • Strategic Planning: Gain a competitive edge with a yearly Strategy Gantt Chart, providing a roadmap for your social media activities throughout the year. Monthly reporting ensures transparency and accountability, with insights into key metrics and performance indicators.

  • Engagement and Client Interaction: Foster meaningful connections with your audience through proactive engagement, including liking, commenting, and reposting tagged stories, up to 15 posts per month.

  • Google Business Profile Management: Enhance your online visibility with photo posting on your Google Business Profile for one location, optimizing your presence in local search results.

  • Daily Posting and Video Content: Maintain an active and engaging presence on social media with daily posting, totaling 30 posts per month, and up to 3 reels or videos each week to showcase your brand's personality and offerings.

*Set-up fee applies.