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Juliana Torres

Front Desk Trainer

Being hired on at Special FX Salon and Day Spa, Juliana’s journey has been nothing short of exceptional. With her innate poise and charm she flourished as a Guest Services Expert, and has at this stage of her career moved up to also be a Front Desk Consultant for the Summit Salon Business Center.

Being fluent in both English and Spanish, she is an invaluable asset to Front Desk Services, making guests feel from all different cultural backgrounds welcome and at ease. Combining her language skills, life experience, and passion for the hair and beauty industry her path to success and greatness in this, or any sector is guaranteed.

Additional Interests & Insights

  • I love spending time with the people I love
  • I have spent a lot of time in both the US and Mexico and hold dual citizenship
  • I have always had an interest in Anime and would like to learn Japanese as a third language