LaShawnda Hall

Front Desk Trainer

I serve SSBC as a trainer in the Front Desk Division.

I love that, in this industry, someone is always there to help pull you forward to achieve your goals and help you grow. There is always something new to learn and someone that can relate to what you are going through. We are all able to connect on such a special level.

I find inspiration through encouraging my clients to find their voice and to be courageous enough to try new things. I love building my client’s confidence and helping guest service experts discover how valuable their role is in their company.

Outside of my work with Summit, I have worked in a multi-location Summit salon company since 2007. I was the Guest Service Lead for 13 years, training, hiring, and mentoring guest service employees, served on the leadership team, and am now a full-time service provider.

Fun fact: I am terrified of most animals, although I do like to enjoy nature from a distance.