Tia Green

Front Desk Trainer

For two decades, I've been deeply rooted in the salon industry, finding joy behind the chair and watching transformations unfold before my eyes. The privilege of making individuals feel better about themselves is a gift that I cherish daily. It's a dynamic industry, with every day presenting new challenges and opportunities, surrounded by individuals who inspire and elevate me.

My journey has been enhanced by the teachings and opportunities presented by Summit, which reshaped my perception of what being a stylist truly means. Through Summit, I've discovered the true potential of this profession, realizing that with dedication, education, and ambition, the sky is indeed the limit. The financial freedom and unparalleled growth I've experienced have been instrumental in sculpting my path.

Having spent 20 years behind the chair, my commitment to the industry and my company runs deep. For the past 7 years, I've held a proud stake as a shareholder in my company. My passion for imparting knowledge has positioned me as the head of education within our salon, and my leadership extends to my role as the Front Desk manager, trainer, and head of the salon's Associate Program. I have the honor of leading our front desk PDMs and Associate PDMs, guiding them towards achieving their best.

There's a magic moment when all the pieces of our hard work come together, culminating in those "wins" that our clients experience. It's these moments that reaffirm my love for this profession, and I'm excited to see where this journey continues to take me.