Tiffany Boccia

Salon Coach | Front Desk Trainer

I'm a lifelong enthusiast of the beauty and wellness industry, and I've found my passion in helping others succeed. The beauty of our field lies in its ever-evolving nature, constantly offering new challenges and opportunities. I cherish most the freedom to express oneself authentically, allowing genuine connections to form.

Throughout my journey, I've discovered the importance of maintaining a harmonious work-life balance, a value I hold dear. My work with Summit as a salon coach, front desk trainer and inventory specialist has been transformative. It has shaped my career path and given me the privilege to witness the untapped potential within my team and the broader network of salons, spas, barbershops, and med-spas I serve. As a coach, nothing warms my heart more than guiding these businesses toward growth. Collaborating with owners and team members to devise strategic plans and observing them flourish brings me immense joy.

With over three decades invested in this dynamic industry, I've donned various roles, including that of a skilled hairstylist, an inspiring team leader, and an empowering coach. Each role has added depth to my understanding and has further fueled my dedication to elevating this field.

Beyond beauty and wellness, I harbor a passion for powerlifting. It's been an incredible journey transitioning from a lifelong athlete to a competitive United States Powerlifter and Powerlifting Coach. It demands commitment, resilience, and pushing through good and challenging days. The parallels between my roles in the beauty industry and my involvement in powerlifting never cease to amaze me.