Understand, Implement and Master Every Aspect of Your Business .

How do you help your team achieve their full potential?

With so many moving parts and so many hands in the operation of your businesses, you need proven systems and strategies that are easy to onboard and that produce real results for your company.

At Summit - we have developed best practices and intelligent verbiage for every member of your team, wherever they are on their career path. All of our dedicated specialty trainers are true experts in their field, and most of them still walk the walk in their own companies every day. Let us lift up your team by providing them with the custom training they need to reach their full potential - because they deserve it.

When things change inside you, things change around you.

Let's Better Our Best Together

Our specialty trainers will guide you and your team to the top of your game.



Expand your leadership bench with Enneagram Training and custom development plans.

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Empower and elevate your New Talent, Associates, and Associate Educators with custom training.



Easily onboard new guest service experts and turn your front desk into a profit center.



Instagram - TikTok - brand voice - SEO + Google Business Profile - coaching



We believe in accepting accountability for our actions, responsibilities and goals.


Our ever-changing industry mandates that we embrace new ways of thinking and new ways of doing.


We encourage others to focus their time and energy on what brings them joy.


Our leadership is powerful only in how it inspires and motivates someone else. ​

Invest in the growth and personal development of you and your team.

Leadership Training

As entrepreneurs, we lead people every day - in what we do, and in what we DON’T do. How can we be an example of balance for our teams, when we are out of balance ourselves?

The Summit Leadership Division offers a variety of programs to help you (and your team) be the best version of yourselves. Isn’t it time your self-awareness, empathy and belief systems match your salon company’s success?


Our 3-hour virtual workshop to explore all 9 Enneagram types is combined with a personalized assessment, individual debrief and custom leadership development plan to guide you on your journey.


One- or two-day on-site options to explore what makes your team unique and awesome. Includes an in-depth overview of all 9 types explaining “why” we do the things we do. Add a second day of in-depth work with your executive or leadership team (max 12 people).


Full day workshop to focus on growing the coaching and mentoring skills of your leadership team. Includes effective PDM questions, addressing obstacles and implementing a systematic approach to PDM follow up.

“As a leader, the Enneagram experience has provided me with a learning outlet in which I can be a student and understand that in order to have greater personal and professional growth... I need to learn how to be comfortable with being uncomfortable and vulnerable. ”

  • Victoria Perry, Owner
  • Soto Signature Salon & Spa

Build the future of your company by growing your people.

Associate Program Training

Building a dedicated, talented and excited team is every owners dream; yet recruiting, and retaining service providers in the "new normal" is not as easy as as it used to be. The best and brightest are looking for a top notch on-boarding and education program. Why not give them a "masters degree" in how to deliver an exceptional guest experience while launching their career faster, better and STRONGER!


    Spend the day with a certified associate trainer. Conquer your fear of “booking on the 45," learn best practices working side-by-side with an expert and treat your guests to a true celebrity experience!


  • Consistent coaching when it's best for you. Learn direct from the associate trainers themselves, with tailored topics and goals that meet you where you are at. With this level of support, you will grow further and faster than you ever imagined possible!


During this powerful training day, an Associate Program expert will come to your company and film best practice and service standard videos for you and your team. These videos are perfect for your Google Classroom or online video learning library.

Check out our upcoming ASSOCIATE PROGRAM classes on the SummitSalon.com calendar. These classes are held throughout the country and virtually, and are a prerequisite for all additional associate training.

Turn your front desk team into a powerful profit center. 

Front Desk Training

Our Front Desk Division helps salons strategically increase service sales, retail sales, and gift card sales by training the service providers and front desk professionals to work as a cohesive TEAM. With consistent scripting and a clear vision of the purpose of the front desk team, your company can experience a quantum leap in retail sales, average ticket, rebooking and gift card sales!


  • This in-salon or virtual training helps you achieve the FULL revenue potential of your guest service experts. You will enhance your salon’s current customer service systems by focusing on upgrading and gaining consistency with scripts, and implementing goals, rewards, and tracking at the front desk.


  • Engage your entire team! This in-salon or virtual workshop brings the entire team together for a highly motivational program that focuses on the guest’s perspective of the salon visit, and each team member’s role and responsibility to the systems “behind the scenes.”


  • For Guest Service Experts: Spend the day 1-ON-1 with a certified front desk trainer.
  • - Master the 4-step scripts.
  • - Develop your unique greetings.
  • - Overcome the fear of offering additional services and retail opportunities.

"Thank you Jules for all the work you put into our front desk training! We are so lucky to have increased retails at all four of our salon locations thanks to the new systems she put in place! We are incredibly thankful for Summit and the opportunities it’s given our staff for growth!”

  • Sahvannah Reaume
  • Maribou Salons, Folsom CA

Now that you own your own business - what's next?

New Venture Business Coaching

You wanted flexibility and freedom. You wanted to be in control of your own money - but at the end of the day, owning a business is owning a business. You deserve to have the tools and training you need to plan for profit, measure your growth and save for your future.

At Summit, we are committed to supporting the independent business owner. We have the tools and resources you need to live your very best life, doing something you love, and maybe even passing it on someday.


Gain independent financial freedom by building a successful suite business. Summit Salon 365 is a virtual learning platform - so you can invest in yourself on your own time. Click here to purchase.


  • It’s time to take control of understanding your business behind the chair and take your creativity to the bank! Introducing our a diagnostic tool designed to help you identify areas of strength, and areas of focus. Click here to register.


  • Growing a business doesn’t need to be guesswork! We will show you how to confidently learn to:

    • - Give yourself a raise

    • - Understand spending + finances

    • - Maintain a full clientele

    • - Master your online presence