Renee Hyderi

Salon Coach | Leadership Trainer

I've dedicated over two decades of my life to the salon industry, striving to make a lasting impact every step of the way. My journey in this vibrant world has taken me from behind the chair to owning, renting, and leading multi-location salons. My mission has always been to empower organizations and individuals to operate at their highest potential.

Throughout my career, I've been fortunate to contribute significantly to the growth, development, and operational excellence of two of the largest salon organizations in the country. I've had the privilege of working with large teams, certifying them to become effective facilitators and trainers, enabling them to pass on their knowledge and skills to others in the industry.

One of my most recent achievements was co-creating a Professional Coaching Certification Program, which hundreds of leaders, coaches, and consultants nationwide have adopted. This program has been instrumental in equipping professionals with the tools and techniques needed to excel in their respective fields.

I have a knack for cooking and baking for what feels like an army. It's become a necessary skill with a family as large as mine! I come from a sizable one, with 12 siblings - 5 brothers and seven sisters. Being number 7, I've had my fair share of middle-child syndrome, but it's also taught me valuable lessons in compromise and adaptability.