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Lynn Chisholm

Financial Services Leasing Consultant

In my 35 years in the commercial real estate sector, I've come to know the ins and outs of lease negotiations like the back of my hand. My journey started with a decade dedicated to working for a retail landlord, where I honed my skills by negotiating exclusively with retail tenants. This experience has given me a deep understanding of what landlords look for, as well as the knowledge of which clauses offer room for negotiation.

My expertise is not just theoretical—it's been shaped by real, practical experience. For the last 20 years, I've been hands-on, preparing, negotiating, and reviewing documents for businesses. And for the past five years, I've brought this expertise to salons associated with SSBC, just like yours. I know the unique needs of salon owners because I've lived in that world, working alongside you.

I take pride in my ability to guide small business owners through the often overwhelming process of negotiating with landlords. Many salon owners may not even realize what can be negotiated, but I'm here to illuminate those areas and advocate on your behalf. Whether it's dealing with national retail tenants or local landlords, I understand that retail leases can be complicated and often skewed in favor of the landlord. That's where I come in, ready to equip you with the recommendations and strategies you need to enter negotiations with confidence.