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Sudarsan Adhikari

Financial Services Accounting Clerk

I'm a dedicated professional with a Bachelor of Engineering background whose passion for working with numbers led me to embark on a rewarding journey in the accounting field. Since joining SSBC, I have delved deeply into the intricacies of the beauty industry, understanding its services and the complex web of POS, payroll, and payment processing software they employ.

My enthusiasm for numbers is matched only by my zeal for helping others succeed. One of my greatest joys is assisting entrepreneurs in deciphering the financial intricacies of their businesses. I find immense satisfaction in explaining the story behind the numbers on their financial statements, helping them gauge their company's performance and growth. Making a difference in their business strategies, suggesting changes, and witnessing their success brings a genuine smile to my face.

What truly captivates me about the beauty industry, apart from its fascinating complexities, is the warm and supportive community it fosters. The people I work with are not just colleagues; they are friendly, kind souls who are always eager to learn and grow. This sense of camaraderie makes every day in the beauty industry a delightful experience.

Outside the world of numbers and business, I enjoy spending quality time with my beloved wife and our delightful daughter. Exploring parks and new places together, we create cherished memories that remind me of the importance of balance in life.