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Chad Faass

Salon Coach | Marketing + Branding Expert

I am inspired by the dedication and hard work of my colleagues in the industry. I admire how they pour their heart and soul into their clients and team members, even on their worst days. Their passion for their craft motivates me to be a better business coach.

I have been in the salon industry for 13 years, and my wife and I opened our salon together. In our first year, we grew by 125% and maintained a 20% RTS when launching the Summit program. Our collective success empowered our team to buy houses, leave bad relationships, and become the highest earners in their families.

After two years of continued salon growth, I was asked to become a coach at Summit, where I have now launched the systems in over 86 salon companies across the United States. My goal is to provide salon owners and service providers with the tools and motivation they need to achieve financial freedom in their personal and professional lives.

Before owning a salon, I worked in retail management and mortgage banking. Outside of work, I enjoy staying active and have run over a half dozen marathons. In my younger years, I participated in college football and track and field. I love to travel to new beach locations with my wonderful wife and enjoy spending time with my son Ari and my siblings in Oklahoma.