Meg Fudge

Marketing + Branding Expert

My favorite thing about this industry is that there are so many ways we can help others reach their potential. I am honored to help people feel good about themselves by working behind the chair, and I also get to work with so many new stylists as an educator at a local hair school. Watching industry professionals and guests blossom is one of the greatest joys in my career.

The first salon I ever worked at was a Summit salon. As a front desk associate, participating in Summit workshops geared towards salon management and retail readiness was extremely helpful for 18-year-old me just getting started in this industry. As a stylist, the social digital planner is my favorite tool to help me plan my days, weeks, and months. I have been a hair stylist for three years, and recently opened a new salon business with my business partner. I also teach one day a week at our local hair school.

I’m always so excited to see how elevating a salon’s social media helps them thrive. With just a little bit of consistency and strategy – we can really increase market share and hone in on the brand’s core values.

I’m a type one diabetic, and I am very open about sharing that side of my life on social media. I believe that we can make a positive impact on others (and on our own lives) when we represent ourselves authentically, and sometimes even by being a little vulnerable.