Britta Larson

Shareholder | Salon Consultant

I love nothing more than helping people achieve their greatest potential. Through my salon company, I've provided a roadmap for success in all areas, from financials to leadership and exit strategy, thanks to the Summit systems. As a Summit Coach, watching my clients have that "aha" moment and realizing how far they've come is the most rewarding experience.

My passion for helping people achieve their potential has led me to become a stylist, color artist for a major manufacturer, salon owner, beauty school owner, salon coach, facilitator, and shareholder of SSBC.

I was born overseas in Germany and moved to the United States at four years old, with German as my first language. I also have diverse interests, such as riding horses for 15 years, singing at many friends' weddings, and even doing fire walking once! I would have been a professional storyteller if I weren't in the beauty industry.

During my free time, I enjoy the fall and winter seasons, and if I won the lottery, I would start a rescue organization for dogs. I believe in helping others and making a positive impact on their lives.