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Dana Deason

Salon Coach | Team Leader | Shareholder

I am proud to serve SSBC as a Regional Team Leader, Salon Coach and Shareholder.

I absolutely love the fact that, in the salon and spa industry, we are one beautiful community. A community of people from all walks of life, places, creative talents—but inevitably family, no matter where I go. I always say, "we get to love on people and get paid for it." How cool is that?

There is nothing more rewarding as a salon coach than to see the people I serve become "over comers." What I do is so much more than teaching my clients to overcome social media challenges or how to get more butts in their chairs. It's about facilitating transformations your never thought possible. That's everything to me!

Over the last 20 years I've been dedicated to growing my own salon team, opening location #2 and completing the build-out-of-our-dreams free-standing salon. I joined Summit in 2016, and over the last 7 years, I've had some incredible experiences helping salons all over the country dramatically improve their businesses and the financial positions of their employees.

I love all things music and was once offered a record deal! I now support my son's musical dreams and am the best fan he could ever have.