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Jennifer Boutwell

Team Leader: Central Region | Facilitator | Social Digital Trainer | Shareholder

I found a safe space in this industry to be myself without judgment. It has been a platform for me to empower others to embrace their inner beauty and strength.

The professional beauty industry has given me financial freedom and the ability to make positive choices in my life. I love seeing people discover their happiness within themselves, and I also enjoy helping owners find harmony between their personal and business lives. I am a retired hairstylist and salon owner.

As a coach and social digital trainer, I am dedicated to helping my clients achieve their goals and succeed personally and professionally. I believe everyone has the potential to be great, and I am committed to helping individuals unlock their full potential. I enjoy helping businesses and individuals navigate the ever-changing digital landscape. Social media and digital marketing can be incredibly powerful tools, and I am committed to helping my clients leverage these tools to achieve their goals.

My discipline and consistency in living a healthy lifestyle have allowed me to travel and explore fearlessly. I love visiting a new city solo so that I can return and share it with others.