Kierstin Nemer

Salon Coach | Team Leader | Shareholder

I serve SSBC as a Salon Coach, Team Leader and Shareholder.

I love the freedom and flexibility that our industry provides. Watching a salon owner or service provider go from their 1st apartment to buying a 5-bedroom house is incredibly rewarding. Helping the professionals I work with create an empire and achieve more than they ever thought possible—that’s why I love what I do.

It’s amazing to watch those light bulbs go off, when a service providers or owners has been struggling with something and the solution finally clicks. It is a privilege and an honor to sit down with fellow humans and use SSBC's systems to coach and mentor them to have weekends off to coach their kids’ sports team or help them understand how that they can simply increase their average ticket in order to afford the payment on their dream car or dream vacation.

I started in the industry as a front desk team member in and became a Shareholder in a 2 location multi-million-dollar salon companies in my early 20's. Becoming an SSBC coach provided me the opportunity to travel and work with incredible salon companies. These travels re-connected me to an old college friend, who has since become my husband. We now share a beautiful daughter together. If I was not a coach with SSBC, I probably would not have the beautiful family I am so grateful to have today.

I love to travel. I am the oldest of 3 girls. I am obsessed with reality TV. I like to think that I am a handy person to have around—I am the person that assembles Ikea furniture sans instructions.