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Kim Light

Salon Consultant | Social Digital Team Leader | Shareholder

I absolutely love the salon industry. It's a field that allows me to experience immense joy and fulfillment by helping and guiding others. I'm passionate about empowering individuals to bring their dream companies to life. I believe in embracing what makes us feel alive and celebrating successes with loved ones. Seeking experiences that nourish our hearts and souls is essential to me.

As the Managing Partner of a multi-location salon company, I was fortunate to witness firsthand the transformative power of implementing Summit Salon systems. When my salon was struggling, we decided to give Summit a try. I was initially hesitant and prideful, but after rolling out the systems, I saw firsthand how they streamlined everything and eliminated many of our problems. I watched my employees' lives change for the better and became a true believer in the power of Summit Salon systems.

Embracing my inner entrepreneur, Summit enables me to flex my business acumen and put my social digital expertise to work as a developer, vlogger, and writer. It's such a fantastic opportunity to use my skills to help others and contribute to the success of the businesses I work with. I'm excited to see where this journey takes me, and I can't wait to continue learning and growing as a professional with Summit by my side.

I'm grateful for the journey that brought me to where I am today. It's been a long road - I was initially going to school for Vertebrate Paleontology! The salon industry is where I'm meant to be.