Kristi Valenzuela

Director of Products and Sales | Salon Consultant | Board Member | Shareholder

Salon professionals inspire me EVERY SINGLE DAY! For the past few decades, I've had the opportunity to travel the world meeting salon professionals who are hungry to BETTER THEIR BEST and CREATE A LIFE THEY LOVE for themselves and their families. I love showcasing the possibilities the salon industry has to offer by creating workshops and education resources that shine a light on how to grow professionally and personally.

I've witnessed salon owners and service providers who were stuck, lost, and discouraged turn around, overcome their fears, implement the systems and solutions that were needed to become leaders in our industry and grow their income beyond what they ever thought was possible. This fills my soul and makes me strive to BETTER MY BEST every day.

I love riding the rollercoaster of life and always know I can lean into this wonderful industry and my Summit family. If you follow me on social, you'll meet Cielo and Luna, my two Doodle pups that are the light of my life.