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Shelby Geist

Salon Consultant | Social Digital Trainer | Marketing & Branding Specialist | Shareholder

I have a true passion for our industry. I love that we have the ability to help others find their personal inner and outer beauty.

For me, it's all about helping individuals connect with their "why" so that they can find passion and meaning in their careers. I am committed to being a part of changing the way others view our industry. When we help others achieve work/life balance doing something they love, we set the standard for this shift.

It's incredibly rewarding to watch an owner or service provider reach their personal goals and achieve financial independence. Seeing them find their value and capability is truly inspiring.

Throughout my career, I have held many roles in this beautiful industry. From stylist to salon owner, brand artist, and now serving as a Coach, Social Digital Trainer, Facilitator, Summit Support Team Lead, and Shareholder at SSBC. I feel incredibly fortunate to have had the opportunity to work in so many different areas of the industry and to continue to help others grow and succeed.