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Victoria Perry

Team Lead: Spa Division | Shareholder

The beauty industry is more than a vocation for me; it's a platform to shape lives, nurture dreams, and cultivate a vibrant community. With Summit Systems as my guiding star, I offer my clients the support they need to develop sustainable businesses that thrive in culture, finances, and the embrace of positive guest experiences.

My journey in the beauty world began humbly as a front desk receptionist. Witnessing the transformative experiences my colleagues created for our guests left me awe-inspired, and I knew I wanted to contribute even more to this dynamic world.

Determined and hungry to make a meaningful impact, I took the leap and became a licensed esthetician. This pivotal step allowed me to understand the profound importance of outstanding guest care. From the initial moment a guest booked their appointment to the final flourish of their service, I recognized that every interaction was an opportunity to create magic.

My path was greatly illuminated when I adopted Summit Systems into my professional repertoire. These tools and resources became the cornerstone of my success, equipping me to establish a thriving book of business within the treatment room. The Summit Systems enhanced my technical prowess and amplified my ability to build enduring client relationships.

As my journey progressed, I ventured into the realm of spa ownership. This transition was empowered by the guidance of Summit, paving the way for my team to elevate their personal and professional trajectories. With Summit's framework, we soared to new heights of accomplishment. Within the nurturing environment I cultivated, we flourished culturally, financially, and in the realm of guest experiences.

One of my greatest joys is engaging in one-on-one coaching sessions. There's an unparalleled thrill in collaborating with a service provider to set financial goals and then rejoicing together when those ambitions are triumphantly achieved. These moments exemplify the heart of my mission – to empower others to surpass their expectations.

Beyond the salon and spa world, I'm an avid reader and a proud host of a monthly book club. Literature has an unparalleled ability to expand our horizons and ignite conversations that challenge and inspire. This passion complements my professional life, as I constantly seek fresh perspectives to infuse into my leadership and interactions.