amelia fanion ssbc

Amelia Fanion

Digital Brand Curator

As someone who has always found herself being drawn to the creative (I was obsessed with fashion design in kindergarten), I love that the hair industry provides so many avenues for self-expression and growth, and in the process change lives for others.

Working with Summit has changed my life because it’s given me the opportunity to further my career on my own terms while simultaneously growing in what I love to do. It’s connected me with so many like-minded people that celebrate each other’s wins and encourage you to spread your wings.

My favorite aspect of my work lies in delivering tangible results—whether it's a new website, updated brand, or refreshed social media account—and witnessing my clients see their businesses in a new light. Crafting beautiful, on-brand, and strategically effective marketing assets can truly be transformative for a business. I find it easier to express my thoughts and ideas visually, and I love being able to translate that for salons through branding, social media, and website development.

My love of design began in university when I was going to school for journalism - I discovered I loved the newspaper layout class more than anything else. After I graduated in Political Science and Journalism from Concordia University in Montreal, I went back to school for Graphic Design. That was my missing puzzle piece! After a series of starts and stops, I started freelancing and eventually reconnected with an old co-worker (Tim Fisk!) and the rest is history.

When I asked my husband an interesting fact about me outside the hair industry, his response was that I’m a really good driver! While I do agree, haha, I think the most interesting thing about me is that my interests vary wildly, from music to books to fashion and food. I’ll always find something to like.