Jingdan Zhang

Payroll Administrator

I have always been fascinated by the beauty and fashion industry, a realm where creativity knows no bounds. Witnessing the unwavering passion that professionals in this field possess has always left me inspired. I have a master's degree in finance from St. Mary's University.

Various interests and experiences have shaped my journey towards finance and the beauty industry. From a young age, I delved into the world of music, learning to play the piano and participating in numerous performances. The discipline and creativity I honed during my musical endeavors have laid a strong foundation for my professional pursuits.

My adventurous spirit has led me to thrilling experiences like paragliding, skydiving, and snorkeling, particularly near the enchanting Great Barrier Reef. One of my unique passions involves squid fishing in the midnight hours. There's something magical about the tranquility of the night and the thrill of the chase that I find incredibly refreshing.

I am deeply driven by the belief that entrepreneurs, especially in the beauty industry, need dedicated support to achieve their revenue goals and realize their dreams. I am excited about leveraging my financial expertise to assist these entrepreneurs, aiding them in their journey toward success.

Joining the financial service team at SSBC has opened a new door of opportunities for me in the beauty industry. Working alongside like-minded individuals, I am enthusiastic about exploring the vast possibilities that lie ahead. Contributing to the growth of this dynamic industry while pursuing my passion is a fulfilling and rewarding experience.