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Laura Tesson

Accounting Customer Service Administrator

The passion that permeates every layer of our company is what I love most about my position with SSBC. Whether it’s our consultants, the Marketing + Branding team, or our finance professionals, everyone's dedication to excellence and teamwork truly inspires me. Being part of a team that consistently strives to meet and exceed client expectations is immensely rewarding.

Joining Summit marked a pivotal turn in my career, offering me a role where I can integrate my administrative abilities with my passion for customer service. This position allows me to blend finance, writing, and interpersonal skills to enhance the service experience for Summit’s clients, ensuring their journey with us is as rewarding and pleasant as possible. One of my favorite aspects of this role is resolving issues that help simplify tasks for my colleagues and clients alike. There’s a unique satisfaction in making someone’s day smoother and more manageable.

I studied Political Science for over five years in Seattle and Montreal, where I earned my bachelor’s degree, and then worked in customer service for over five years. This role honed my people skills and fueled my love for helping others. Outside of work, I love to write and travel. People are often interested in my story of moving from a quaint French town to forging a path on my own in a new country.