Let us do the heavy lifting so you can focus on what you love.

Are You Looking For Your "Admin Squad"?

We understand how the never-ending "to-do list" can keep you from focusing not only on things you do best - but the things you actually love to do. That's why we offer a growing suite of services to help you get all of the things done, and done well. If you have ever outsourced to consulting companies before, you know that most of them do not understand the unique details of our industry - but at Summit, WE DO.

From bookkeeping to website development - team meeting facilitation to training video production, we can be there to do the heavy lifting for you, while ensuring that your brand and culture are elevated and celebrated.

Ask for help not because you are weak, but because you want to remain strong.

We've Got You Covered!

Our list of services are constantly growing!

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monthly financial statements - lease negotiation - valuation services

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web design - social media - google business profile - seo - blogs/newsletters

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organizational assessment + strategic planning - retreats - meeting facilitation



We believe in accepting accountability for our actions, responsibilities and goals.


Our ever-changing industry mandates that we embrace new ways of thinking and new ways of doing.


We encourage others to focus their time and energy on what brings them joy.


Our leadership is powerful only in how it inspires and motivates someone else. ​

Peace of mind with a financial partner who really knows your business.

Financial Services

As a salon owner, financial health is vital to your success. Summit Salon Business Center understands your needs are unique. Working with Summit Salon Financial Services will clarify your cash flow, avoid costly mistakes, and save time!


Our turnkey financial services include a monthly income statement, balance sheet and management report with documented analysis of revenue, calculation of RTS, direct costs, gross profit, fixed costs, net income, and balance sheet current ratio.


Find out how much your salon is worth and discover the strategies needed to build an exit plan that will allow your salon to retain and grow key employees while creating financial freedom for you and your family. Includes Enterprise and Equity Valuations.


Our consultants have knowledge gained from hundreds of lease negotiations. Get the most out of your lease and your space! Services include: Summary of Lease Terms, Lease Renewal for Existing and New Leases, and New Lease Review.

Let us take your digital brand to a whole new level.

Marketing + Branding

We offer customized, modern and affordable digital branding + marketing services for your company. The best part is - we are owners and managers just like you. We understand the unique needs of our industry when it comes to social digital strategies, and we know how to deliver beautiful and effective results that inspire you and your team.


We will custom create a beautifully designed, Google optimized, dynamic website that speaks to your company's core values. Our team will also write your new site verbiage, including new bios for everyone on your team. Click here to see examples of some of our work.


Does your team create great social media content, but you just don’t have time to keep up with posting on your salon company’s social media? Our content service will provide daily posting to your social media channels, as well as Google Business Profile posts and photos.


We will create a custom Instagram solely focused on recruiting new talent for your company. We can even manage your recruitment account and execute "like and comment" campaigns to drive new talent to your online application. How amazing is that?


With the proliferation of online booking, more and more new and potential guests are finding your brand online after business hours. We will create lead capture forms for your website, then launch automated nurture campaigns with monthly newsletters + blogs.


Getting to the top of the search results is significantly impacted by the quality of your Google Reviews. We will take all of the emotion out of your company's online reviews, by crafting professional and authentic responses that are keyword rich and drive new market share.


Wouldn't it be great to know what your competition is doing online to drive new guests into their company? We can provide you with a monthly report that not only breaks down your analytics and social insights - but your competitors as well.

“I’m so thankful for the Summit Salon Social Media team! Working with Tim and his team has taken our brand to the next level. Our social media and Google content are consistent, and our market share is increasing every month!”

  • Liz Covin, Owner
  • Vivd Salon, Atlanta

We will remind you to take time to invest in yourself.

Leadership Services

As entrepreneurs, we lead people every day - in what we do, and in what we DON’T do. How can we be an example of balance for our teams, when we are out of balance ourselves? The Summit Leadership Division offers a variety of programs to help you (and your team) be the best version of yourselves. Isn’t it time your self-awareness, empathy and belief systems match your salon company’s success?


One of the most consistent pieces of feedback we get from teams is “I love our meetings, but I feel like we get nothing done.” Sound familiar? With the Summit Leadership System, we work to create Vision, Accountability, Structure, and Meaning in your work as a growing salon company. Our feelings-first yet systematic approach to accountability will change the way your company grows.


Through exercises and discussion, we will explore the 4 elements of a healthy culture as they exist in your organization: Self Care, Kindness, Community, and Connection. During this one day retreat, your team will discover more about their core motivations, understand empathy and awareness in a new context and work together to create community and connection.


Our one- or two-day retreat curriculum takes your leadership or shareholder team on a deep dive into what makes them unique and special. By focusing on your ‘why’ and naming your core values, we work through exercises that will help pinpoint ego, encourage empathy and understanding and form connections between your mind, body and heart centers.

"Summit LS has been a game changer for my leadership team. Not only has it increased team synergy and communication across the various departments in my company—but it has enhanced our ability to work on the business not just in the business— and we are taking projects over the finish line like we never have before."

  • Heather Silva, Owner
  • Tease Hair Boutique - Norwell, MA